As the COVID-19 pandemic quickly overwhelms health systems across the globe, developing countries has begun their fight with limited resources and already-struggling systems. COVID-19’s impact on low-income countries is likely to be devastating. Hand washing is difficult if you don’t have clean water and soap, not to talk of sanitizer affordability and social distancing isn’t an option for those who can’t self-isolate.

Treatment efforts in developing countries like Nigeria with very large population are also hampered by inadequate healthcare infrastructure and limited resources. This means people who are living in extreme poverty are less able to provide their households and protect themselves from falling ill and less able to access treatment if they do.

At Evidence Action we are seeking to leverage our existing resources and relationships to support these communities in their response to COVID-19 through our various causes and interventions systematically.

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We are committed to sharing as much information as possible about what we and our partners are learning. Contributing to the global knowledge bank will help all of us speed up the transformational change required so that every child survives and thrives. We appreciate the support of partners in this endeavour.

The Grant Portfolio tool is one of a variety of ways in which we will publish detailed information about our grants and programme investments. The tool was launched in Better form at the end of March 2015. It shows all current and contracted grants, along with descriptions on their intended impact, and the latest data and results where available. There are comprehensive links to our partners and other sources of relevant information, and a search function to categorise grants by priority, programme area, geography and value.

We will be adding new and completed grants, fresh data and results, and impact evaluations of completed work. Our goal is to build a comprehensive database to share information which will help us and partners achieve greater impact.

Grant values are calculated at the prevailing US dollar rate at the date of the contract.